Vimeo Video


Feeling like youtube is too overcrowded with folks that are more interested in shock and fluff than in actual content?  You may want to check out Vimeo.  If you are feeling constrained by youtubes poor video quality or are looking for a place to show off your HD films Vimeo is a great place to get your media out there.  With free signups and 500 megs per week of video storage it allows you to show off your films in a quality, high bandwidth format that most free media servers can’t match.

More than being an online video server, Vimeo is a community where you can share ideas with other artists and directors.  Taking a quick dip into the staff pick section will give you a great cros section of the amazing amount of content that is provided by the server.  This is a must for any up and coming directors looking to present their media in a community of like minded free thinkers.  One of the biggest problems with youtube is the unbearable amount of trolls commenting and disrupting any chance that a piece can get any decent critisism.  While Vimeo is not immune to trolls, they are blessedly scarce.

So what are the drawbacks?  Well, you get 500 megs a week that will reset once a week… a bit of maintenance is required to keep your media available.  This does have the counter balance of clearing out the dead wood meadia and allows new films  to gain recognition.  While it would be nice to have a little more storage space, this is a free service and expecting gigs of static storage is a little unreasonable.