Vid Casting


So blogging just not cutting it for you?  Are you looking to take your opinions to the next level?  With live video streaming you can not only broadcast  yourself across the world, you can use the wonders of the interweb to interact with your audience.  Now, with services like ustream and mogulus you turn yourself into the next internet sensation.

Hardware requirements:  You would be suprised at how little you need to get a basic broadcasting setup.  A bare bones setup might include the following:

  1. A computer setup with decent specs – A gig or so of ram and a 2 gig processor should do
  2. A cheapie 30 dollar webcam – I prefer Creative webcams, a good mix of price vs quality
  3. A microphone – The integrated microphones in most modern cams will work fine
  4. Broadband Connection – a must have, this is a bandwidth intensive process.
  5. Stream Provider – most of us are not going to run our own server, try ustream or mogulus

Providers:  Ustream vs Mogulus

Ustream.com:  With it’s reliable service and simple user interface ustream is going to be the choice for most vloggers out there.  You have the ability to replay recorded content and the chatroom moderation is straight forward.  The video stream is pretty reliable, and if you find that you are getting choppy the stream controls are easy to adjust.  It’s a great community of folks and worth checking out.

Mogulus.com:  Mogulus has got an insane amount of options for the seasoned vlogger.  Stings, tickers and graphics galore turn any aspiring director into a kid in a candy shop.  Mogulus also has a feature that will let you create a channel that constantly plays uploaded or recorded content, allowing you to create a full featured channel for your viewers.  The stream can get choppy every now and then and the community is not there yet, but it’s still in beta and we look forward to great things from the team at mogulus.com