Take on me bro


The office I work in has a Three Bears problem:  It’s either too cold or too hot, I frequently bring extra clothing to adjust.

I was fishing in my truck for a sweater at lunch when one of the big burly welders from the shop next door pulled into a parking spot a couple of spaces down. Windows down and radio blaring, he was singing along with Aha – Take on Me.  Un-noticed, I listened as he sang at the top of his lungs and drummed on the steering wheel. The song reached that part where the lead singer hits that note that would make a soprano from the Vienna boys choir falter and dude let out this kind of half howl/scream falsetto “In a day or TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I figured that would be a good time to close my truck door with a loud *THUNK* and his radio immediately turns down. After a brief and incredibly awkward “Hi…”

“Hey” I confessed “Don’t worry man, I do it too…”