Stanley the bat comes for a visit…


     Aaaaaand, I was trying to go to sleep the other night listening to a Stephen King Audiobook and just beginning to doze off…  when there was a rustlin’ – a rustlin’ from the other side of room… Now I live in the country, and it’s a large room… so it’s probably nothing more than a squirrel skittering across the roof.  But there it is again… scratch… scratch…The cat at my feet wakes up and starts staring at the other side of the room, You know…that way cats  do that makes you think that they can see things otherworldly. Stephen King is describing gnarled trees and I begin to think of branches scratching against the side of the house but, and the cat is still staring at the same spot… Scratch… scratch…I reach over to turn on the small reading light beside my bed and the scratching is getting louder.
     I step out of the bed, stand up, and out of nowhere SWOOOSH! The biggest friggin’ bat you’ve ever seen dive bombs at my head. Back and fourth around the room it flies, I desperately try to choke back girlish shrieks of fear as I duck the numerous air assaults from Batzilla.


And then it stops… silence… save for Stephen King describing something very unpleasant.


     In the half light I grab a towel, my only weapon against this fearsome beast that has come to torment me. Gripping that terrycloth like a small frightened child holds his favorite blanky, I made my way to the dark corner where I thought the bat had ended up.  Gathering my courage I moved a chair and a few un-ironed shirts to discover the most adorable tiny squeaking bat you’ve ever seen. Gathering him up in the towel I carried him next door to my friend who works in animal rescue. Hopefully a happy ending for our little nocturnal flying mammal.