Pandora’s Box of Shame


I have too many stations on Pandora – so many in fact that I have to start dropping them to add any more.  But there is a serious problem… on that forces me to confront the ghosts of music past.

One of the huge problems I’ve noticed with Pandora is the shame that it forces you to go through whenever you want to delete a station.  Years and years ago I created a station for Nickelback… and to delete the station I must first click on it – THEN delete it.  Which means that anyone within earshot will hear me listening to Nickelback…   my contempt for Chris from years ago knows no bounds.

I’ve had my account for a while and that station (and a few others) have been looming in my selection list.  I suppose I’ll have to have a musical act of contrition evening, and apologize to the gods as I delete MANY a bad choice and confess my sins.