No Office?


Feel like you are going to fail in life because you don’t have microsoft office?  Just picked up a laptop and you don’t feel like shelling out 100+ bucks on the newest version of office?  All is not lost, there are open source alternatives to Office.  Let’s face it with times being a difficult as they are now, it’s not always possible to pick up premium software.  If you head out to openoffice.org you can pick up an office suite that offers many of the same options of the more pricey standard.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Open Office is Free
  2. No it is not as fully featured as office
  3. Open Office runs great, but there will be a couple of extra seconds of load time
  4. You have the option of saving in MS Office format
  5. If you hunt around you can find priced down versions of MS office
  6. Open office does the job, and is worth exploring
  7. I have not found a better free office suite