Lessons In Manliness II


How to be Manly and Awesome Like Chris

Part 2 of 9,478,210esson 2:  The Self Interview

Often times it’s very difficult to for people to talk to you because of how Awesome you are.  It’s not their fault, you just happen to be so Awesome that you intimidate others with your manliness (particularly those of the female persuasion).  In situations like this, it’s often a good idea to break the ice and make the less manly feel comfortable when in your Aura of Awesomeness.  One technique is to teach them  how to speak to one who is as Awesome as yourself, and the Self Interview is the perfect way to demonstrate.  For the self interview, you will play both parts:  both interviewer and awesome superstar interviewee.  To differentiate between Your Awesomeness and the Interviever it’s often a good idea to use a character voice for the interviewer.

Interviewer:  <meek adoring high pitched voice>  “I can’t believe I’m able to sit down and talk with The Chris, your even more handsome in real life!”  </meek adoring high pitched voice>

The Chris:  <deep manly voice>  “Why yes, it is nice to meet me.  I’m glad that you’re able to bask in my awesomeness” </deep manly voice>

Interviewer:  <meek adoring high pitched voice> <swooning sigh>  “However did you to be so amazingly amazing? ” </meek adoring high pitched voice>

The Chris:  <deep manly voice>  You know, I ask myself that question every morning.  I look at myself in the mirror and ask myself “Self,  how did I become so handsome, charming, awesome, sexy, sophisticated, and modest?” </deep manly voice>

There you have it, step 2 on the long journey to being as awesome as The Chris.  Please do not try to be as awesome as The Chris without proper supervision, The Chris has years of training and experience at being Manly.