Feline like a revolution?


The girlfriend’s cat was inspired by the 4th of July and fired the first shot in his feline rebellion to reclaim his spot on the bed.

I can only imagine… but this is what I assume was going through his head:

9:30pm – After many nights being locked out of the bedroom when the Male is over, I have decided to reclaim my favorite spot on the bed. Following in the steps of Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. I will stage a peaceful sit in upon the bed.

I am unsure, but I believe the Male has decided to support me. He offers me affection and tummy rubs… I am wary as this may be an attempt to lure me into a false sense of security.

10:00pm – The Female has arrived, I will insist she listen to my list of demands by sitting upon her and meowing until I am heard. The Humans talk and laugh… they mock me.

10:30pm: – I have been shuffled off to the very corner of the bed. The Female has not listened to my pleas for attention & equality and has given the Male my rightful place upon the bed. I must consider a new strategy.

12:00am: – Passive resistance has failed, Silent protest is ineffective. I will scowl at them while I consider my options.

2:00am: I am unsure, but I do not think that the Humans can see in the dark, scowling and looking generally grumpy have had no effect. I have decided to sing them the song of my people. FREEDOM!!! EQUALITY FOR FELINE KIND!!!

2:05am: I have been told to shut up and have been unceremoniously dumped off the bed by the Female. Activate brooding mode.

3:00am: Rather than take revenge upon the Female (endangering my kibble allotment). I will seek retribution upon the Male, the one who has exiled me from my warm happy place upon the bed. I have decided to take strong measures to show my displeasure by peeing on the Male’s running shoes.

3:05am: I may have made a mistake… I was a bit overzealous and pee’d all over everything of the male’s. The Humans will be unhappy… I must go to ground.