Droid X Dilemma


ACK!!!  The power button on my DroidX isn’t working!!!   + The Fix

So the other night I crawled into bed over at the GF’s house.  Reception is poor at her house and if the phone is left to search for signal all night the battery will be drained by morning.  Usually I’ll set it to airplane mode to save battery, but this night I decided to power down.  Waking up in the morning I found that the power would not come back on.  The battery was at around 60 percent when I went to bed so I was a little worried when it would not immediately power up.

I tried the following steps to fix my Droidx

  1. Remove battery & replace – No Success
  2. Plug into power for a few hours and try to power on – No Success
  3. Jump up and down and scream at the phone – No Success

Final Fix:

  • Remove battery, remove micro SD card, replace battery & hit power button – SUCCESS!!!

After getting it to power back up I noticed the battery was low (in the amber).  I charged it for a little while, powered down and replaced the micro SD card and it powered back up just fine.  On day 2 without any problems.

I’ve been a big supporter of android cell phones, but this one scared me a little bit.  I’ve had the phone for the last 2 1/2 years and it’s been ultra reliable.  I am thinking about my contingency plans for when it finally does die.  Not quite ready to drink the iphone koolaid just yet.  Time to start looking into new androids.