Chrome WordPress Woocommerce SSL bug

Chrome WooCommerce WordPress Bug

I’m always happy to help out friends when they run into a problem they can’t figure out.  This one took a little more than the expected troubleshooting.

Problem:  Site defaulting to https for chrome users, displaying security warning.

Basics:  Chrome users using version 44+ saying that the site is reporting it’s not private & CSS not working.  The website does not use SSL, but after a wordpress update it’s trying to default to https for chrome users.  IE and Firefox working normally.  The site uses woocommerce, but does not use SSL because payment information is handled on a commercial gateway.  Site will load without connection error if www.domain.com is typed, but CSS will still not work.

Solution:  Update WooCommerce to 2.3.12+


In my research I’ve seen plenty of people with the same problem who followed the same preliminary diagnosis.

  1. Re-create issue using chrome based on user feedback and spec information
  2. Check to see if there is a conflict with https everywhere plugin
  3. Try to re-create issue with other browsers, particularly firefox
  4. Check domain/hosting settings to verify that www.domain.com and domain.com are both set correctly
  5. Check WooCommerce settings, verify that it’s not using SSL
  6. Check .htaccess files for the site, include any .htaccess files for good measure
  7. Double check WordPress settings to ensure the site is not set to https://www.domain.com
  8. Begin research, after about a half an hour of reading discover fix in forums from Frique

Reference Links:

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