2 Minutes??


So I hang up the phone on a very sweet sounding, but definately foreign woman calling with a survey.  I was having a lot of difficulty understanding what she was saying and insisted that I didn’t have the 2 minutes for her interview.  Although difficult to understand I took no issue with her accent, I was just reluctant to hand off my information to some random southeast asian company who would resell it to junkmailers and dataminers

Now that I sit down to lunch I’m getting this creepy feeling, an almost worrisome nagging guilt.  Every time I told her I didn’t have the time she became more insistant and this terrified desperation crept into her voice.  The last thing I heard as the phone moved away from my ear was a high pitched and strident “2 minutes…please!”

As soon as the phone hit the cradle my mind immediately began to imagine some poor emaciated woman under the watchful gaze of some quasi communist guard with an AK-47 and an eyepatch.

I keep glancing over at the phone, hoping that it will ring… wondering if the mystery telephone caller is okay.