Dropping Cable for Netflix?


I was was making my way through a tech superstore this weekend when I was approached by a salesman from a satellite TV company.  He enquired as to whether or not I currently had service or if I would like to try a subscription and recieve 3 free months of premium movie channels.  I replied to the gentleman that I subscribed to netflix, but I appreciated his offer.

With a sigh, the gentlman sat back down at his table and began absently drumming his pencil.  Feeling as though I had let some of the air out of his balloon and because I was browsing right next to him I asked if he had heard my excuse much that day.  Weary, the man said that he had heard the same excuse in one form or another… it’s either Netflix, Hulu or some other website.  I wished him luck, took my 10 dollar blue ray copy of  Point Break and made my way to the check-out line.  Having subscribed to Netflix for the last few months and dropping my cable service, I wondered who else had joined me and why.

There are some serious advantages to Streaming Media

  • On Demand – Thousands of movies and entire seasons of shows are available whenever you want to watch them
  • Variety of Devices – Services like Netflix are available via Xbox, PS3, Wii and many newer DVD players and TV’s
  • Cost Factor – 60+ dollars a month VS. 9 bucks for Neflix makes the choice easy
  • Portability – Have a laptop or internet connected computer?  You can watch your shows
  • Obscure Factor -Seasons of Greatest American Hero, MSTK3000, Neverwhere or old school Kung Fu anyone?


But there are always drawbacks:

  • Sports – If you subscribe to services like NFL Sunday ticket, stay right where you are… unless the game is showing locally, you are out of luck
  • HD – While many services boast streaming HD, oftentimes the signal will be downgraded for bandwidth
  • Delays- Don’t expect to see shows right away, the wait may be days or weeks.


So what is the final word?  For myself, netflix and rabbit ears is enough.  I like to throw on a show while I am cooking or working on a project, I do miss Sunday Ticket durning football season.  If I had invested thousands of dollars into a home theater system it wouldn’t make sense to skimp on satellite service.  Times are tough, and when you are looking at a 60+ dollar bill every month vs 9 bucks for netflix?